Traffic, How do I get traffic to my Website?

I think this is, quite possibly, the most asked question by anyone starting out in this business or hitting a plateau even with their sites progression and development. Here are some ideas to consider when trying to get more traffic to your website. I suggest you test out methods and see which specific techniques work for your specific website because everyone ’s sites works differently

1. Blogging
Blogging has become a phenomenon and highly attractive. People become loyal to good bloggers that write interesting, humorous and insightful posts. Blogs give you a chance to prove to others you’re an expert in your field.

Ok, lets say your not into the whole blogging idea, it is time consuming, here is another approach. Find Blogs out there written about your topic and post on them. A lot of blogs allow you to post on their site and there you will be able to basically put in your two cents and give them the following, HIGHLY IMPORTANT LINE ending your post which should always be in anything you write…

Do you know what it is?

“For more information go to”

It may seem like a simple line but if you forget to put it in, you missed your chance to get targeted traffic to your site for free! When people are interested in what you have to say they will look at your site for more information so it is crucial that you have one HIGHLY IMPORTANT LINE in there.

2. Article writing
One of my favorite ways to get traffic and links all in once! Write articles about your site, go and submit them to just 10 different article/content exchange websites with your link/website info on the link in the article and watch the traffic come in, and the links pointing to your site go up. No joke, this method really works. The downfall would be you obviously can’t control where your articles appear and what type of websites.

3. Press Releases
Press releases have always gotten me great highly targeted traffic,. There are many PR services out there to consider, paid and free. I personally prefer the paid method (you get what you pay for) They get your press release (after editors approve it there, so don’t make it a sales letter, make it and informative piece) into some great news resources to give you high traffic and highly targeted visitors.

4. Viral Marketing
Some of you may not think you know what viral marketing is, but you’ve seen it I guarantee! Think about those jokes you get in your email, that you keep passing on to your friends, or those funny You-Tube videos that you share with everyone. A lot of these are ll attempts to start viral marketing. Viral marketing is creating something that will be passed around by others causing the marketing pice (no matter how subtle) to take on a life of its own almost. You create something so funny or entertaining that people just start spreading it for you, and all the time there is a link to your website in there somewhere for people to learn more or see more at.

5. Integration Marketing
This technique is pretty much a traffic exchange that can be useful is you set yourself with a targeted site that is comparable or related to what your product or service is. Integration marketing is a hot topic and many claim it is a necessity to a successful website. I highly recommend you look at as many experts in this field as you can. The more you know, the more you can offer on your site and become more successful.

Ex. You have a newsletter on your website that people can sign up for. After signing up for your newsletter there are given the opportunity to sign up for other peoples newsletters or product information.

When you line yourself up with a website with similar client base this type of traffic exchange can be beneficial for your both. Or have other get their members to sign up for your list/newsletter or forum etc.

6. PPC advertising
Be very careful before you ever start a PPC campaign. You can literally lose all your money with these things if you aren’t highly informed on how to do this effectively. Keep you bids low to test waters and only increase them slowly to see if the results are worth the bid increase. PPC can bring you traffic, but not always that targeted traffic so you have to test this method to see if it is beneficial to your specific website.

7. Paid ads (very different then PPC)
Paid advertising allows you to determine which websites specifically will have your ads. You can make sure o approach highly relevant websites and strike a deal with them to place you advertising on their website, possibly even swap advertising, they place yours if you place theirs on your site.

8. SEO techniques
I never overlook ways to get free traffic. SEO techniques to help your site with its natural search engine rankings will always help you increase your traffic. To go into all the SEO techniques you can use here would make this the worlds longest blog post, there are lots of great resources out there to refer to to help your Serp’s… and also an idea for a future blog post for me.....