Latest News and Articles - March '09

How to Spring Clean Your Website

24 March 2009

Spring is a wonderful time of year but it might not be so wonderful for our online business. The weather is getting nicer and people are spending more time outside, away from their computers. One way to get more people to come to your website is to do some spring cleaning and I don't mean your house! Our websites can get stale and outdated if we do not clean them up periodically.

There are lots of things you can do to freshen up your site and bring new life and new customers to your online business.

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How Much SEO Do You Need To Get Top Rankings?

23 March 2009

Perhaps one of the biggest misconceptions, perpetuated by industry SEO experts, is that a website must follow perfect SEO strategies to get top rankings. While adhering to simple common SEO standards does help the search engines both find and index your site more quickly, it doesn't guarantee by any stretch of the imagination that following those SEO guidelines will propel your site to the top of the rankings.

If only search engine optimization was that easy!

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RSS Feeds 11 SEO Tutorial Videos

20 March 2009

RSS Feeds are great for increasing traffic from search engines.
Adding RSS feeds to your website, will bring in new visitors
for the rss feeds. But RSS is not the only SEO Technique that
can increase your traffic.

There are other things you can do to increase traffic along with
adding rss feeds to your site.

Everyone knows the best source of traffic to your websites is
from the search engines; this is because: 80% of visitors to
websites still start from a search engine query

There are 250 million web searches done each day !

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Using Long Tail Keywords to Your Advantage

17 March 2009

A keyword is a simple word or phrase that is typed into the search engine by a user looking for information. For example if a searcher was looking for information on family photography tips, they might use some of the following common search terms.

"family photography photography tips taking photos"

If you used a keyword research tool like Wordtracker, you would discover that these phrases are very popular search terms. In fact, if you built a web page that focused on any of the keywords above, you would have a very difficult time ranking in the top 10 on Google's search results page?

Why? Because the competition for general keywords can be fierce. Keyword competition is defined using the term Supply. If a keyword phrase as a high supply, it means that there are many web pages out there that are using this keyword. The higher the supply, the more the competition.

Long Tail Keywords are simply the longer and more targeted phrases that people type into the search engines. In our photography keyword example above, we looked at a few very general competitive keywords. Here are some long tail keywords relating to photography.

"night time photography tips eliminate blinking from photos removing red eye from photos"

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Essential Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts

17 March 2009

As a Web Designer I know the value of keyboard/mouse shortcut key in every design industry software. Photoshop being the most popular graphic/web design software is used by millions of Designers around the world and these people always look for the help to improve their selves. I think Keyboard Shortcuts can really helps to build up working speed using them in your workflow.

There are huge amount of keyboard shortcuts available in Photoshop but I have complied a list of useful keyboard shortcuts which I think are useful for everyone using Photoshop. The list also includes some shortcuts where combination of mouse is used with keyboard.

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Scammers customize news to deliver you malware

16 March 2009

Security experts warned on Monday of a new insidious e-mail scam that features false information about a bomb explosion in the recipient's hometown and leads to a malicious Web site.

The subject lines include "Take Care!" and "Are you and your friends in good health?" The e-mail includes a link to what looks like a news article on a Reuters page about the bombing. But the Web page and the news are fake, according to e-mail security provider Marshal and antivirus firm Sophos.

The scammers are using IP address geolocation techniques to figure out what city the recipient lives in and are localizing the fake bomb news to that location.

Meanwhile, clicking on the fake Reuters video page leads to malicious Waledac code being downloaded on the computer, the security firms said.

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Web 2.0 tools can foster growth in hard times

16 March 2009 Inc. credits its novel Web 2.0-based sales philosophy for much of its significant sales growth -- and continuing profitability -- during the current hard times.

The online shoe and clothing store doesn't spend massive sums creating and implementing online or offline marketing and advertising campaigns, yet it still generates significant buzz among its current and potential customers.

How? Mostly through its heavy use of Twitter Inc.'s eponymous social network and, to a lesser extent, its use of tools from Web 2.0 providers like Facebook Inc.

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4 Quick Ways to Build Quality One-Way Links

09 March 2009

Obtaining one-way quality links is often cited as the "Holy Grail" of online success. Especially if you take the SEO route for getting high rankings for all your profitable keywords in the search engines. It's no wonder then, achieving top spots for valuable and popular keywords should be the ultimate goal of any webmaster or online marketer.

How well you do in this "link quest" will largely determine the success or failure of your site or online business. Assuming of course, you're going after free organic traffic from the search engines and not using Pay Per Click or other means of succeeding online.

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Keywords: one-way links, SEO, online marketing

7 Basics of Good Web Design

08 March 2009

Whether you are just starting a web design project, looking at revamping an existing site, or just wanting to double check the usability of your current web site you should consider these 7 Basics of Good Web Design.

These basics are aimed at new visitors/customers; your repeat customers will be judging your web site on different values. Just like wearing the appropriate clothes for a job interview, these basics will help you pick out the "look" of your web site so that you make a good first impression.

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Keywords: Web design, Good website design, standard website design practices

Search Engines and the Art of Niche Marketing

06 March 2009

By Chris Brown (c) 2009
One Page, One Subject
Building a new website and looking for a good search engine results ranking is getting to be a major challenge now that most subjects you can possibly think of are covered by a variety of pages. All the major subjects such as travel, sport, news and sales are covered by millions of web pages. This means that getting top search ranking is really difficult to achieve, and hence the growth in SEO services as authors battle it out for top spot on those all important google results pages. Even when your subject matter is a little off the beaten track, you've probably found you're locked in a search results battle with all sorts of other sites and related topics. This is where the niche window starts to open, when you see other results coming up next to yours that are not offering quite the same service or information that you are.

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The Curse of the Abandoned Website and Ten Things You Can Do To Avoid It

04 March 2009

Ideas are one thing, putting them into action is another thing entirely.

You find out that many people come up with ideas for websites that they never get round to executing. Some never get as far as ordering a website hosting service, while others do substantially better by getting a website up but fall victim to one factor or the other and later abandon the same website that they have invested their money and efforts in. This is a very bad habit and even the most focused of individuals tends to fall victim to this habit at one time or the other in their lives.

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PPC vs. Organic Search Marketing

03 March 2009

Christie asked the following:

I have been told that the only way to get site optimization is to get pay per clicks! I have been doing my own blogging but so far I have not seen much good. As well I was considering an autoresponder as well but I am told I need a list and purchasing lists I am told are not allowed to use. I am just working so hard on high site rankings. It is a lot of work that is for sure!

Just not so sure how long you have been working with SEO but felt I should write to see your insite on things. Take Care!

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10 Best Strategies to Massively Increase Your Visibility Online

03 March 2009

Increasing online visibility is the goal of most online business owners. After all, without visibility, you have no traffic and thus no business. However, when you start to research how to improve your online visibility, you discover many options, but find that there is little time for research and implementation. Where does an online entrepreneur turn first to get the visibility (and traffic) to promote an online venture?

New tricks and gimmicks come out every day, but unfortunately, most of them are like so many recording artists and become one-hit wonders. In my business, I've discovered that there are a handful that are able to stand the test of time. Some have been around for as long as websites have been around, while others are newer kids on the block. Here are my 10 most effective strategies to massively boost your visibility online:

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The Link Building Constellation - Mapping The Ideal Profile Of A Link Building Campaign

01 March 2009

The link building constellation maps the ideal link profile of a website for a link building SEO campaign. Covering the main sources of links which make up a typical campaign, the graph shows where each fits in the ‘link constellation’ and the sort of proportional quantity each should be sourced in.

The diagram is based on the makeup of some of the most successful SEO link building campaigns I have run and although its far fom an exact science following this visualisation as a guide will, I believe, result in the most successful possible link campaign for improving PageRank and keyword ranking.

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