Latest News and Articles - June '09

Are SEOs the 'Bad Guys'?

13 June 09

There have been a couple of pretty interesting articles written this week that ask a legitimate (if not somewhat sensationalized) question: Does Google consider SEOs to be criminals?

SEOs being SEOs are, by definition, people who make a living trying to manipulate the results of search engines. Now, before you eat me alive here... I don't necessarily mean manipulate in a negative sense. But in many aspects 'optimization' and 'manipulation' are somewhat interchangeable terms. An SEO 'optimizes' a site in an attempt to enhance that site's search engine rank or placement. By moving a site in the results, you are, by definition, manipulating the results.

There is nothing wrong with that. There are lots of sites that aren't 'search engine friendly' and lots of sites that just do things 'wrong' that, when fixed, will notice an enhancement in their positioning for search queries relevant to their site. Search engines don't mind this. The existence of resources like Webmaster Central are a testament to this.

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Five Crucial Components of Web Design

10 June 09

Professional website developers know the importance of web design and the role it plays in making a website successful.

Designing a successful website is no easy task, especially for someone who is new to the world of web development. With the help of web development applications many people can and do create decent websites. But decent in most cases is not good enough to make a site successful from a traffic or financial standpoint.

There are five crucial components of web design that you must focus on in order to make a site valuable to its visitors and successful for you.

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