Personal Training and Essential Oils

Chi is a healing energy, or vital force, that is responsible for life, vitality and personal development. Its unimpeded circulation, along with symmetry of negative and positive forms in the body, is essential to good health. To help you achieve the optimal balance of body, mind and spirit, Vital Forces offers a combination of fitness training and essential oil treatments. Jacqui Marucci (Personalk Trainer & Minister Practitioner in Essential Oil Therapy) recently founded Vital Forces but has been in the fitness and holistic field for over 20 years and is well-respected in the industry. Jacqui is a certified personal trainer with certifications in both Kettlebell and Super-Slow instruction.

Jacqui will train you in the comfort of your own home. If there is a specific venue you would like to be trained at any accommodation can be made to suit your needs. Contact Jacqui Marucci - Presonal Trainer today at (732)682-6877. E-mail: Ask about our group rate specials.

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Licensed and Fully Insured - YL REF# 1058855


Personal Training - Jacqui will develop a personalized workout plan for you according to your abilities, restrictions and goals then will work with you to achieve those goals using the plan and adjust it to meet your needs as you progress.

She is adept at sensing limitations yet knows just when and how to push for optimal results. This keeps her clients motivated and encouraged.

Jacqui has experience with clients at all levels of fitness and with a variety of injuries for example, back, neck, knee and shoulder and with ailments including arthritis, high blood pressure, heart issues and depression.

Essential Oils

Essential oils work with your body’s frequency to bring the body to harmonic balance, achieving calmness and healing. They can restore your immune system to fight inflammation, infections, injuries, depression and so much more.

Jacqui is certified in Rain Drop therapy, a treatment for the immune system applied to the spine inspired by the Lakota Indians of South Dakota and perfected by Young Living Oils. Jacqui uses and is a representative of Young Living Oils. They are rated the number one 100% therapeutic grade essential oils.

These oils are used in hospitals all over the country and are presently being used in cancer treatments at the former Paul Kimbal Hospital of Lakewood NJ.

About Jacqui

• Fitness instructor since 1993.
• Certified Super-Slow instructor. Studied Ken Hutchins Super-Slow training.
• Certified Kettlebell instructor. Received certification from the International Kettlebell and Fitness Federation, IKFF. Jacqui’s mentor, Fred Killian of Killsports, studied under Pavel Tsatouline, the instructor responsible for bringing Kettlebells to the United States.
• Studied martial arts, boxing, pilates, and cross-fit.
• Studied with the Institute of Spiritual Healing.
• Inspired by two very prominent holistic health professional:
Me-Ming Raicer, M.S. (Clinical Pain Management).

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