PPC vs. Organic Search Marketing

Christie asked the following:

I have been told that the only way to get site optimization is to get pay per clicks! I have been doing my own blogging but so far I have not seen much good. As well I was considering an autoresponder as well but I am told I need a list and purchasing lists I am told are not allowed to use. I am just working so hard on high site rankings. It is a lot of work that is for sure!

Just not so sure how long you have been working with SEO but felt I should write to see your insite on things. Take Care!


Thanks for your question Christie!

Pay per click, or PPC is not Search Engine Optimization. SEO is considered ‘organic search engine marketing’ while PPC is paid search engine marketing.

Illustration of PPC area of search engine results

SEO should start with keyword research. Here’s a great (Free) tool you can use to explore keywords: SEOBook Keyword Tool

Be imaginative. Think like your target market. For instance: If you owned a dog grooming company you’d first think of “Dogs” as a good keyword. You’d be right, but the competition for it will be severe. Instead, try adding in a geographical term - maybe “Dogs YourTown” — not only will this be an easier keyword to rank, but it’s also more likely to convert into sales. Keep working at this keyword list until you have at least 20 keywords in mind. 100+ is better.

Now, with your keyword list in hand start working on your site. Your index page (homepage) should discuss one keyword. Create a list of links on your index page. Each link will be a keyword that links directly to a new page that discusses that particular keyword. You following so far? So, if one link is “Poodle Shampoo” then that link would take visitors to the “Poodle Shampoo” page. On that page you’d discuss that topic. Be useful, be informative. Write your pages for humans, not for Search Engine Spiders. But at the same time, be sure to use the keyword and synonyms of the keyword often. On that page have the same links as on your homepage, but with 1 new one - the link back to your homepage which has “Dogs YourTown” as the text (assuming your homepage is about “Dogs YourTown”).

Once your site is operational and useful, it’s time to go link building. For maximum effect, you’ll want to concentrate on building links from related sources. Here’s the easy way to do that –> Search your favorite Search Engines for: “Dog Links”, “Grooming Links”, “YourTown Links”, and anything else you can think of. Go through the listings one at a time. Look for “add a link” buttons/links. Request a link. When you fill in link title or website title, add in some Keywords! So… if your site is YourTownGroomer.com then make the title: Dog Grooming by YourTownGroomer — always mix it up. You don’t want every site to have the same content about you.

This is simple SEO. But it works! It works very well. Don’t expect to rank for “Dogs” — but you are likely to rank very well for geographic terms and low-competition terms.

If you have any more questions, feel free to ask!

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