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Search Engine Optimization Services:
Why Hire a Search-Engine Optimization (SEO) Professional?

At Computer Doctors we follow Google Guidelines for all of our SEO projects.

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Organic Search Engine Optimization - Click here for SEO FAQ's


Is your website not achieving any search engine results? Are you spending all your money advertising in magazines, newspapers, and other sources? Computer Doctors can not only drive more traffic to your website, but we can also get your website top results on all the major search engines.

Search engine optimization, also known as SEO, is the most effective way of advertising your company and your website.

What Our SEO Service Includes:

  • Site Map Development (both in html and xml)
  • Link Building (back links)
  • Internal Website Links
  • Keyword research of top 10 competitors on Google, Yahoo, and MSN
  • Meta Tag Optimization (title tag, keywords, and descriptions)
  • Review of website content for each search engine targeted page
  • Research copyright of website content
  • H1, H2, and H3 headers optimized
  • Submission to search engines
  • Local search seo optimization
  • Image alternate text optimized
  • Submission to seo-friendly directories
  • Optimize Google Page Rank

SEO Monthly Maintenance:

  • Website content update
  • Keyword analysis and research
  • Top 10 competitors research
  • Monthly ranking reports generated to show where your website is ranked on the search engines
  • Unlimited website updates



Internet search-engines are the primary vehicle by which consumers search and find what they are looking for. In fact:
Surveys show that over 85% of internet users find new Web sites by using search-engines. Other surveys show that after email, search-engines are the most popular activity on the web. It's a fact, Search Engine Optimization must be a necessary part of your online marketing strategy."
Industry-leading experts say "the search market has become the number 1 way to tackle Internet advertising and continues to grow faster than our expectations." It is becoming increasingly well-known that website ranking on the first or second page on one or more of the major search engines can translate into enormous increases in sales, leads and quality traffic. There has never been a more opportune time to develop an effective search-engine marketing strategy.

The objective of search engine optimization (SEO) is to increase a Web site's traffic counts, and ultimately conversions, by ranking very high in the results of searches for the keywords in the search query. It is the mission of SEO to make the site's content worthy of higher search engine ranking by being more relevant and competent than the competition's. This SEO process is often viewed as a struggle to rank well for just a few keywords, instead of a struggle to satisfy the needs of those entering the query. From an SEO vantage point, if you search on your target keywords you will see the leading sites in the rankings. To obtain traffic for your content, you need to rank higher than those top sites. Our site suggests ways to optimize and improve your search engine rankings with many SEO tools, placement advice, basic SEO training, tips, information, hints, and clues to improve your search engine keywords relative to the existing leaders. After all, better keyword ranking is the first step to increased Web traffic.

It is not enough to simply add Meta tags and do search engine submission of your site to a million search engine indexes and directories. The first placement step in obtaining significant Web traffic counts is to seek first-page search engine results. An early step is to build a great content-rich site. One of the last steps is the proper submission of your great site to the search engines or directories. In the middle is a step that is VITAL if you want to obtain front-page results. Most site owners bypass this step because they forget about it or think it is too complex, but without competent search engine optimization Web site services you are destined to become search engine fodder.

There are no search engine optimization secrets — just ranking and placement methodologies to follow in order to beat your competition in obtaining a high ranking for desired search keywords. SEO training, content and link services make up just one small part. This site targets improving search engine rankings by using a "follow the leader" approach to keyword selection and page wording. Once you know what keywords and search engine marketing services (not spam) worked for the "leaders," you can "beat the leader" and do even better! Proper organic search engine optimization requires that you outsmart your competition, so knowing the keywords and criteria used by your competition is the most important first step. It will become obvious that good ranking excludes keyword spamming the search engine. With careful selection and placement of your keywords, you will fare well using a little effort and Web site services.

The undeniable popularity and efficiency of utilizing search-engines to find products or services demands that a business develop an effective search-engine marketing strategy, which includes professional Organic Search Engine Optimization and if you choose, paid search or PPC. Unlike e-mail advertising or banner placements on high-traffic websites like YAHOO, MSN, or AOL, search-engine traffic tends to be highly qualified since the content of your website determines your ranking - therefore, you have the ability to control the kind of traffic that is generated from search-engines.

Organic Search-Engine Optimization is the process of designing /structuring a website in such a way as to rank high in search-engine results. Unlike paid search-engine placements that typically appear as "sponsored listings" at the top or side of a search results page, "organic listings" appear in the body of the search results page and are ranked based upon complex ranking systems or algorithms, which are uniquely determined by each particular search-engine. Organic listings typically make up the majority of the search results page and can be ethically manipulated by experts through proven search-engine optimization techniques.

Search-Engine Optimization is a highly skilled process and requires an extensive commitment of resources, including time and expertise. What is your Search-Engine Optimization strategy? Since a top-ranked website can translate into thousands or millions of dollars per year it is imperative that you have an internet marketing strategy that incorporates Search-Engine Optimization techniques.

If you're serious about wanting to rank higher in the search engines, Contact Us Today.




Computer Doctors Organic Search Engine Optimization Guarantee:

By the end of your yearly contract; you will have at least as much additional business from your Web site as you spend on our services...or we will work your SEO services for FREE until you do.

We're honest, we're smart, and we can earn your trust. We aim to increase your search engine rankings, which will drive more relevant traffic to your website.

Organic SEO

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Avoid SEO Malpractice:
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We're effective with our clients and offer a well-rounded campaign. Our Services include: Search Engine Optimization, Web Design, Pay Per Click Management, Internet Advertising and Internet Marketing.

When you need to dominate on the web, our services will give you the edge on even the most competitive terms. We offer Safe and Effective results that will help place you in the top of your industry.



Expert Organic SEO, Experienced ProfessionalTeam:

Here’s a test - it's easy. Pick a search engine - any of the major ones - and enter what your company does. Does your company show up in the first page, second page - where do you show up?

If your website does’t get page-one results for a phrase that’s as basic as what you do, we need to talk. We've been on this highway for long enough to know Search Engine Marketing and, more specifically, Search Engine Optimization are not simple matters. On the contrary, they are extraordinarily complicated. To ensure your SEO budget is not being wasted, you need to contract with experts who actively monitor and are able to shift with the constantly changing methods and technology used by the likes of Google, MSN AOL, HotBot, Ask Jeeves, Excite, Windows Live Search and Yahoo.

The playing field shifts almost daily and competition is fierce - do you have the time to keep up? Probably not - but that's our job! Choose an SEO team who uses only solid, ethical methods. Some inexperienced firms use hidden text, doorway pages and other tactics that can get your website "blacklisted." If this happens no one will find you. Your website is just as important as your phone lines and e-mail. What would be the cost to your business if they were unavailable for a month or more? Are you willing to take that gamble with your website? Are you monitoring your website traffic? Know where your traffic comes from? How long your visitors stay at your website? What pages get the most interest?

We will find the answers and implement them.

Call or Email with your URL. We will analyze your site free - send you a detailed report and give you a targeted strategy for getting your business the search engine placement it deserves.

Computer Doctors provides a comprehensive suite of services including web design, Search Engine Optimization and E-Marketing services designed for small/mid market and Fortune 1000 companies. Our team of professionals focus on applying their expertise and skills to earn your trust and confidence. We have years of proven experience and strive to assist our clients in all their technical needs. We develop a deep understanding of our clients’ needs and business goals and we take a personal interest in helping them achieve those goals.



Link Building Solutions
If your goal is to rank higher in search engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN, then getting other sites to link to yours is the key to top rankings. Link Building is our specialty, and with it comes high rankings.
Content Creation
We offer SEO Content Creation tailored to your specific needs. Web Content is food for the search engines, and our experienced writers can provide that food. The more web content you have, the more words and phrases you have a chance to rank for. Good web content can also attract back links. The more natural back links you get, the higher you should rank.
We offer several SEO and Internet marketing consulting and training services. These services range from phone calls to comprehensive in-person training. We also offer several high level search engine optimization reports explaining exactly what you need to do to get your site ranked higher.
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There's more to Internet marketing than what we offer. There's web design, e-commerce, Pay Per Click (PPC), Programming, Website Usability Analysis, and more. See other services we recommend.